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Design: Work

Travel Wisconsin Brochure

Created to Highlight the Beauty of Wisconsin in all 4 Seasons.

The target audience is Wisconsin Travelers of all Ages. 

I gathered information both from experience and through the Travel Wisconsin page for each season.

Designed and created in Adobe Illustrator. Including all die cuts and special features.

Edited and cataloged the images in Adobe Lightroom Classic.

All photos in and of the Brochure are taken by myself.

This Brochure Design Won 1st place for the 2023 Digital Arts Festival Design Category at NWTC.

(Not Affiliated with Travel Wisconsin Brand)

Design: Portfolio

Chip Kidd Designer Booklet

Design Development Class Assignment 

Create an informational booklet on an influential designer. My Designer of choice was Chip Kidd.

Majority of work was completed in Adobe InDesign, but edited photos in Adobe Photoshop and did some minor vector work in Adobe Illustrator

Results I developed more knowledge of spreads and layouts and cross application workflow. 

Design: Portfolio

NASA Brand Identity Guidelines

Design Development Class Assignment

Redesign the logo of a major brand of your choice. I chose NASA’s logo. We were also tasked with creating the Brand Identity Guideline booklet.

The Design is retro, with its vintage color scheme and art. I positioned the Astronaut in the logo to be looking up similar to how we look up into the night sky in curiosity.

Majority of the work was completed in Adobe Illustrator for the Logo but the Brand Guidelines were created in Adobe InDesign

Results I developed more knowledge into Illustrator and Redesigning pre-established brands.

Design: Portfolio

Iron Duck Restaurant Wine Label

Commissioned by the Iron Duck Restaurant to Design a Wine Label.

Was tasked with creating a Modern and Minimal Design. With Requirements of a white background, use of their logo, and using Auxerrois and Luxembourg due to it being the varietal and location of origin of the wine.

I did the Design work in Adobe Illustrator and drew the “Duck in a Tux” in Procreate.

Design: Portfolio

Business Cards & Holder

These are my personal Business Cards.

They are printed on a Clear Plastic Material making them waterproof. In order to Print these cards they needed to be Sandwich Printed. I created the topographic map lines in Adobe Illustrator and the rest of the design and

layout in Adobe InDesign.

The Card Holders were created in Adobe Illustrator.

The Business Card Holders were created for a deliverable helping the business cards stand out more due to the die cut holder showing designs and images I have made. The Mountain range with Camera sun on the Holder is taken out of my logo. When a business Card is in the Holder the logo on the business cards shows through the

die cut camera. All Four Mockups were created by me in Adobe Photoshop.

Design: Portfolio

Playing Card Design


Layout and Composition Class Assignment

Create a design for a deck of cards.

Majority of this was done in Adobe Illustrator, But also worked in Adobe InDesign for the outputting this project.

The Design is Split down the middle hence the name, on one side standard playing cards, and the other UNO.

The Box is Embossed and Glossed. The Split Cards have a versatile, usable, and stunning design.

Design: Portfolio

Rooster Beverage Co.
Packaging & Branding

Design Development Class Assignment

Create and Design a Logo, Bottle Labels, and Bottle Carrier for the Simulated Company:

“Rooster Beverage Company.” 

Majority of the work was completed in Adobe Illustrator, including packaging die cuts, scores, and design.

Photo editing for the design as well as for the product shots was completed in Adobe Photoshop. And Logo Sketching done in Procreate.

Design: Portfolio

Austin Zoo Animal Crackers
Packaging & Logo Recreate

Digital Print Application Class Assignment:

Tasked with redesigning the Logo and Packaging for Austin's Animal Crackers.

This design was created in Adobe Illustrator and used Sandwich printing techniques. Adobe Photoshop was also used for editing the product shots. 

Below you can see the Digital Files the green color would be printed with white ink leaving opaque and translucent parts of the design.

Everything in green when sandwich printed will be opaque due to white being printed behind it. The colors not green would be translucent such as the birds.

Design: Portfolio

Kohlbeck's Kitchen

Layout and Composition Class Assignment: 

Tasked with Creating a Cookbook that is an Ebook/Interactive PDF.

I shot the photos for this cookbook and edited them in Adobe Photoshop, I did the Layout and Design work in Adobe InDesign and lastly created vector buttons in Adobe Illustrator.

The interactive PDF can be accessed via the button below.

Design: Portfolio

Townsend Banners

Asked to design Banners for the Townsend Youth Fishing Tournament and the Fire Departments Open House.

The target audience is Families attending the events.

Designed and created in Adobe Illustrator.

Design: Portfolio

Holiday Cards

Print Fundamentals Class Assignment

Create a holiday card with proper spreads for two sided printing. 

Drew all of the imagery in Procreate, and laid out the typography and Spreads in Adobe InDesign.

I adapted the imagery from both Dr. Suess and Charles M. Schulz.

A Charlie Brown Christmas
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Design: Portfolio


Class Assignments:

Both Posters were designed with main focal points done in Procreate. Then the Layouts and Text work done

in Adobe InDesign.

In the Calendar Poster I started with images that I had taken of flowers and watercolor drew them in Procreate. 

Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation
2021 Calendar
Design: Portfolio
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